Should You Encourage Your Kids To Play Outdoors?

toddlers playing outdoorsMany parents nowadays do not like it when their kids venture outdoors to play. Some say it’s dangerous as there are child kidnappers around whilst others lament that playing outdoors is unhygienic for children.

Well I am here to tell you that you should encourage your kids to play outdoors. Please do not let them grow up only playing with their iPads and PlayStation indoors. There are many benefits to playing outdoors and the most important one for me as a parent is that it builds a strong immune system for my child. It has been scientifically proven that children who play outdoors and get dirty falls sick less often. This is because when your child play outdoors, they are more exposed to various kinds of bacteria. You may think that this is a bad thing but it is actually the opposite. Exposure to these different kinds of bacteria and viruses is good as our children will naturally develop antibodies to fight them off. Thei immune system improves as a result.

Another great reason to let your child play outdoors is that it encourages inclusive playing. Kids who play outdoors will learn to socialise and share with other kids in the neighbourhood. You should always keep and eye on your toddler when they play outdoors though. This is especially so if there are nearby roads where your child may wander off into.